I'm essentially done packing. Just have laundry, laptop, and a few other (charging) electronics. Then take out my garbage, open the blinds, lock the windows, and unplug everything before I leave tomorrow.

It's lonely here. Everyone else is either busy or home, so I'm doing history reading. Which is at least interesting. And I have new music.

I don't really like thanksgiving break. I love my family (generally), but it's a lot of traveling for 5 days at home. And so much work to do. It also comes at an inconvenient time this year; I want to spend even more time with my friends here instead of away from them. Gogo dependency?

WoW Babble:

Not raiding is still awesome. Playing my little alt priest is still awesome with Dylan and Dhoover. Especially when we're all crammed in the same room. Though the voice program makes up for the fact that we're actually not all together. It's better than nothing.

Back to reading.
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Death note

New Icons and SNOW

It started snowing on the way to class this morning. It pleased me greatly.

Class is moderately interesting today. That's a pleasant change.

I have new icons. And need to get John his monies today.

Life is still going oddly well.

I am quite pleased.
Calvin and Hobbes

Another post from the realm of crappy comp sci classes

  • Galileo assignments (1&2) {Due: this afternoon.  Zomg.}
  • Philosophy Essay
  • Com Sci project (I really don't get this at all.  Wtf.)
  • English presentation notes
I did get my appointment set up.  9 am Thursday morning.  But... shit.  And I'm really definitely sick. 

Today's the start of Sexual Assault Awareness Week.  In case anyone hadn't heard about it yet.  1 in 4 women and 1 in 24 men will be sexually assaulted before graduating from college.

I feel like I should take a break from "hardcore raiding" for a little while.  I didn't go last night, and I forsee not going again tonight.  I'm just not stable enough currently and REALLY need to focus on things far more important than DKP and downing bosses.  Like work.  And my friends.  And my mental/physical health. 

I hope I'm doing the right things.  I'm tired of feeling like shit.

And I feel like it's time to start looking for new icons and moodthemes. 
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I need to start working on next semester's registration. This week or something. Which probably involves stopping by Baz's room at some point.

I also need to do my laundry and clean my room. I'm out of clean socks.

And shower. And go running.

I also need to finish my history reading.

And I'd like to start farming the mats for my newest piece of WoW gear (namely soulcloth. And primal shadow.) This means getting in touch with Pwny.

Yay feeling unmotivated to do anything
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Happiest Icon Ever

Another List. Zomg.

-Outline Philosophy Essay
-3 English readings
-Write up on 1 or the above mentioned English readings. (Talk to Kelly about this? Crap)
-Study for History Exam
-Get in touch with Sam re: history project
-Take out garbage

Well... shit.
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Weekend was good. Parent types came up, we saw Avenue Q which was in every way as disturbing as I had hoped. Also got to see my uncle and saunter around NYC. There were lots of really good jazz musicians out on the street. It made me happy.

Actually been getting consistent amounts of work done today. Sort of. Just getting a little distraction out of my system. Really. Then back to wasting time on an essay for a class I hate. CSci 10, wtf. Seriously. It's just a bad class. I'm happy I've almost hit the halfway mark and can make it up to myself by taking a crap ton of art and sociology next semester.

I like this song.

There's a fine, fine line between love and a waste of time.

Maybe I'd have a better life if I could remember that more often.
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The only thing of any marginal value I've done today is label all my Dire Straits music and download some KT Tunstall. Which is good. But I haven't cleaned my room. Or done any homework. I wish I cared more.

Oh well. It's October already.
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Selective Reality Acceptance

Stuff. Again

I think I'm sick. Or starting to come down with something gross. Ew. Germs.

I can deposit my check today, so yay. I'll do that on the way to class. I think I'm actually going to be able to get through my CSci class this semester without going CRAZY. So yay again.

-Laundry. Today.
-Whatever Philosophy homework was assigned.
-Lit reading.
-Clean my side of the room. (Inc. taking out the trash/recycling)

I'm reading a book about Prostitution in historical society. It's really damn cool.

I should find new icons. Someday.
Calvin and Hobbes

Adventures Last Night

So. About two months ago, my cute little Ipod ceased functioning. I was beside myself with woe and tried taking it into Best Buy. To make a long story of angry phone calls and rants short, they changed their contract with Apple and were not allowed to do in store swaps any longer. So we had to go to the website and figure out how the hell to get it replaced.

Then my Mom ran over the poor little music gadget, and there was a collective "oh shit". However the people involved decided to try sending it in anyway to see if we could yet procur a replacement. Weeks passed. I sort of learned to adapt to the lack of constant music.

Then my Dad called last night. Apple sent a 260$ gift card to fund a new Ipod. Which is very cool. HOWEVER. I log onto the Best buy website, go to mp3 players and Stuff... and wtf they're selling 80 gig Ipods for 250$. So... I have an Ipod of GINORMOUS proportions in the mail. I'm kind of at a loss as to what I can do with all that space.

My current music library is 4gigs. I forsee downloading LOTS and LOTS of anime episodes in the near future.

Just felt like sharing.